Saturday, April 13, 2013

Margaret Thatcher

Hi, I haven't posted anything in ages, but I thought I should make a comment about Margaret Thatcher's death.
Many people have suggested that I would be happy that she has died, this is simply not the case.
I did not agree with Maggie's policies, and I had no great love for the woman, but those of you who actually read my blog would be well aware that I am against capital punishment, and so if I do not wish for murderers to be put to death then I certainly would not wish physical harm on her, and frankly I am sickened by the reaction of some people who share my political ideology.
Inversely I would argue that some Conservatives are also celebrating Thatcher's death as a rallying call to the right, this is also wrong.
Like her or hate her, Thatcher was a significant character in recent world history, this cannot be denied. Thatcher was a strong willed person who believed in herself and pursued her cause.  I would view this as admirable if I agreed with her, but I don't.   While her background was comparatively humble and being the first female prime minister in Britain, she was ironically neither a champion for the poor or women.
I could theoretically go on for hours, except I don't have time at this moment, but I thought I should say something.


Clyde Barrow said...

Fox News, pay attention. This is "fair and balanced." Love the blog. Shelly's got a level head, a great mind and a wicked sense of humor :-)

Dr. Levi said...
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Unknown said...

Well said, astute and accurate, Shelly, well said, astute and accurate, Mr. Barrow. So Shelley - how have you been?

Montague said...

I agree with Mr. Barrow - she has a first rate mind and fine fine sensibilities.