Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Sun and Health Care

During the Labour Party Conference "The Sun" newspaper decided to flip allegiances to the Conservative Party. They then proceeded to drive around Brighton with placards with the above sign on them. (Blue is the official colour of the Conservative Party)

Although of course it is a bit of a blow when a political party loses the support of a major news paper, however in this case I am glad the Labour Party has lost the support of "The Sun."

Firstly, it's not like the paper was every that big a backer of the Labour Party in the first place, I have seen very little evidence of them actually backing the party at all, more to the point they simply have not been able to endorse the Conservative Party for the past 12 years.

The other reason I am not upset about the loss of "The Sun"'s support is that "The Sun" is owned by Newscorp, the same organization that owns Fox News in the United States.

Fox News is dedicated to destroying any chance of Health Care reforms in the United States, and Considering that Labour is the party of the NHS, it is nauseating to consider that we EVER had associations with Newscorp at all.

Newscorp is owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian who wields way too much power over both American and British Politics both by the amount of cash he has and his influence over large portions of the media.

"The Sun" has stated that it's change of support to the Conservatives was made by Murdoch.

The real reason the Murdoch press has decided to support the Conservatives is because the Conservatives have promised to reduce the amount of influence that OFCOMM (communications regulator) has over television, and one of the key areas they plan to do this is to remove the need for Television News to be politically impartial. If Sky News (Newcorps TV news station in the UK) were no longer required to be impartial then it would end up being more similar to Fox News in the US.


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