Saturday, August 09, 2008

Justice is done?

Salim Hamdan (Bin Laden's driver) has been sentenced to 66 months in prison for supporting terrorism. The jury made up of American military personnel rejected the prosecutions demand of a 30 year sentence. Considering how long Salim has been detained at Guantanamo Bay Salim is eligible for release in 5 months.... but he probably won't be. The US Government claim they can hold him as long as the "War on Terror" continues, and his detention will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Terrorism will never end, and since the "War on Terror" has no specified targets this means that Salim need never be released. This makes a mockery of his trial.

These trials are only occuring as a way to avoid having to review peoples detention or to seek the death penalty, as these people can be held as long as the US Government wants anyway.


As the War on Terror is not a "real" war, it is a concept, then after a trial has been held, and a sentence finished, release should be automatic, that is how justice is supposed to work, anything else is a dodge and a mockery of justice.
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Montague said...

Well, the war on terror, though badly named and executed, is quite real, but your take on the current US administration - it is the administrative section of the gov't, not the courts and not as much the legislative section, so not the whole government of the country - which respects the constitution it is sworn to uphold etc only when convenient

Shelly1990UK said...

I disagree, I think it is a condemnation of the whole government. The judiciary and the legistaltive arms of government could take action against the executive branch by ruling against the executive branch, passing laws that tighten human rights, accepting international law, overuling vetos, and impeaching the president for violation of internation law, human rights violations etc.

Lex said...

'The government of the country respects the constitution' - excuse me but are we talking about the same universe here? The US government has disregarded constitutional law so many times that to use the word 'respect' is laughable.

Guantamano bay is just one of the many illegal acts that the US government constantly perpertrates and this includes the illegal deposition of the ruler of a sovereign territory (Sadaam Hussein). Don't get me wrong, cowardly murderers like Hussein and Bin Laden need to be brought to justice but it needs to be done LEGALLY and with full adherence to international law.

For the US to act unilaterally and illegaly is to bring the country down to the level of the terrorists - in fact they become WORSE than the terrorists.