Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Entry

Ok, I'm putting an entry because people have been commenting that I haven't said anything in awhile.

I'm ALIVE!!!!

I am however a bit under the weather, and as it is coming up to election time I am doing my usual thing of helping canvassing and stuff like that. (I am a sad person I know)

So thoughts on what is going on in the world:

Torch Relay: Ok i think Tibet is important but... the olympics are an international sporting event.... i think interupting something that is supposed to bring us together is counter productive... should we challenge China on human rights? DAMNED RIGHT! should we try to screw over the olympics? NO!!!!

On Zimbabwe: This is a no brainer... let democracy rule... Mugabe it's time to go!

On the Diana inquest.... DUH!!! come on already, if you think it was a conspiracy, get a clue... all the theories came from one source... someone who is on the record for bribing politicians... no a good source of info... and the "great butler" he just wants to make money of Diana's rep.

That's pretty much it for an update on my feelings... to be honest, i had to roll them into one post, because my feelings on the subjects are pretty straight forward and to the point.


Montague said...

Well said and well thought out, as ever. Esp the Tibet/Olympics issue.

Lex said...

Tibet is mainly buddhist - buddhists are non violent. Violent protests are totally against their beliefs.

Protest visibly but quietly and non-violently. Be seen but let the torch be carried.

Shelly1990UK said...

The problem is that western "civilizations" aren't non-violent, and although in principal I agree with you, when you arrange this sort of protest, someone always wrecks it.

If it can be done non-violently as a silent protest I agree with you, but if that can't be achieved, don't do it.

Lex said...

No argument with you on this one.

As for conspiracy theory can you tell me why there is only one Monopolies Commission?

(Yes I know its an old joke but I'm getting old as well!)