Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iran & Clinton

So clinton has basically threatened to bomb Iran back to the stone age. This was in response to a question what she would do if Iran used nuclear weapons on Israel, however I think that the nature of question and the response is provocative and will do nothing to help international relations.
I know americans need to sound strong, but basically threatening a specific country over a hypothetical question seams counterproductive.
Surely the better answer is "We will try to create a world where that wouldn't happen, however if it did the Iranian leadership would regret it"
If I was choosing a leader I would look for someone who was looking to try to improve the world situation, not throwing inflamatory comments around, nor would I chose someone who's first instinct is to flatten a country.


Lex said...

Spot on - nothing wrong with offering olive branches first even if it is held in an iron glove.

The only issue with olive branches is that they can be seen as a sign of weakness by fundamentalists.

Still, force hasn't really worked up to now so maybe it's time for a conciliatory approach. Maybe instead of threatening to bomb them into the stone age, we could offer them schools, hospitals etc - surely that would be cheaper than military action?

The US has had enough brain dead hawks - it's time for the doves.

Shelly1990UK said...

I don't think that islamists would view america as weak. I think they may view them as completely untrustworthy and resject the olive branch.

Iran isn't particularly short of cash either... treating them with a certain level of respect might be a start. I mean ok what they have might not be a good system of government, but remember the west was propping up a dictatorship system before the system they have now, and well what they have now is more democratic than that.

The problem is we only like democracy when it's "our sort" of democracy.

Lex said...

Very true and it's hard for the west to get into their mindset.

However (& at the risk of oversimplifying), I've always believed that actions speak louder than words and there HAS to be an alternative to the posturing that both sides are doing.

Also, the Islamists may not view them as weak from a military point of view but from a mental and cultural point of view I think they do.

As for democracy well I've always considered the US political system as a perfect example of the VERY worst kind of democracy - that where money and connections win over true political belief.