Tuesday, February 26, 2008


With how opinionated I am, my step-dad thought this was a good tshirt for me.

If you can't read it properly it says "I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas"


Montague said...

I think your ideas are superb, and wonderfully articulated. I am so glad to have unearthed the link to your blog - you are tuly one of the most remarkably sharp and insightful young people I have ever known, and I hope to read more of your comments, and eventually more about how the rest of the world vaues them, in times to come. Warmest regards from the US.

Shelly1990UK said...

Well I really appreciate that, thank you.

Montague said...

Well you may remember that I am a paid critic - so that is not only my personal opinion but my professional evaluation. LOL - kinda.
hey, you could email me you know! Let me knwo what you are up to, what world leaders - or at least european union pols -you have been influencing, etc, and how uni is going.

Shelly1990UK said...

Awww... everyone who emails me knows I am crap at starting emails, but I do respond... but you don't have to tell everyone here that.

I am not in University, I am in College (there is a difference here.)

As for politicians I've been influencing, not too much these days, the education thing has me tied down.... and babysitting my niece.

MeAgain said...
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Montague said...

Hope all is well with you in every way - btw - meagain = Me Again = Montague