Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Deterioration of society

The Church of England is upset that the insides of Manchester Cathedral was used in a violent video game made by Sony without permission.

I was involved in an online debate about the issue, and generally most of the people seamed to think there was nothing wrong with what Sony did.

When I pointed out that even if they personally don't have an issue surely they should acknowledge that it could be offensive to the people who worship there.

Generally speaking there was rants about how violent video games and films are not responsible for violence in society, and I said "It dosen't matter, it's not about what is responsible for violence, it's about peoplse sensitivities, you just don't seam to understand that"

the response I got was "I understand it, I just don't care!"

I suddenly realized what is wrong with society, it's not the music, or films, or video games, IT WAS THAT PERSONS ATTITUDE!

We are so cut off from each other, our concern for other people is so limited.

It is not a long stretch to go from "not caring" about people to "not giving a flying f**k if someone lives or dies.

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