Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How can we abide it?

On Monday 2 of Saddam's aids were executed at the same place as Saddam was.
During the hanging Barzan al-Tikriti's head was ripped off.
To add insult to injury Barzan (Saddam's half brother) was suffering from cancer, he had been treated by doctors only to face the Gallows.
I know I sound like a broken record, but it does seam that the sheer barbarity of execution either is not being noticed by large amounts of the public.
I do sometimes wonder if the supporters of capital punishment are blind to the inhumanity of it, or if they are simply blood thirsty themselves, and get a twisted pleasure out of death.
Some information on the inhumanity of the death penalty that are currently in use in the world today that I appear not to have posted about yet:
Hanging: Often doesn't work effectively, people either spend ages choking to death, or like in the article above messy decapitations.
Decapitation: Blade often doesn't go all the way through on first or second stroke.
Firing Squad: People can survive quite some time with multiple bullet wounds, even with well aimed shots.
Gas Chamber: Takes up to 30 minutes to work, all the while the victim's lungs are being burned from the inside out.
Electric Chair: Often miss fires, people often survive multiple attempts to kill with an electric chair, and frequently the victim's head catches fire.
Lethal Injection: Coroner studies show that frequently (over 40% of the time) not enough anaesthetic is used to put the victim to sleep, prior to the very painful and deadly chemicals used to kill are injected... the victim is immobilized unable to speak, but completely conscious. In other instances the needles are not injected appropriately causing a much longer and painful death.
If you are new to my blog then please click on the "Capital Punishment" link below, there are articles that contain important information on the subject that in my opinion you MUST know.

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Lex said...

Unfortunately the reality of decapitation in Muslim countries is even worse - they tend to saw the head off rather than chop it off Japanese style.

If there has to be a death penalty (& I am against it) then the only humane way is death by morphine overdose - you get high, go to sleep then die.