Friday, October 27, 2006

More on the War on Terror
The other day in a press conferance President Bush was going on about how Iraq is a crucial part of the "War on Terror" with Al Quida being so active in Iraq and all....

Prior to US and British intervention in Iraq there was only ONE Al Quida base in Iraq.... it was in Kurdistan which was an area of Iraq which Sadam had NO control over.

Sadam was not an Islamic extremist, he was a secular leader who was considered an enemy of the extremists.

Iraq being a recruiting ground for Islamic extremists was a direct result of the attack on Iraq and was a recruitment tool for Islamic extremists.

I find it very difficult to believe that neither Bush or Blair's advisors warned them that this was the most likely outcome.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely! This is NOT a war, it is and always was an occupation, an invasion, an illegal and immoral action against a sovereign country.

I am ashamed of my country.

(Just another disaffected closet anarchist in Amerika. It
is becoming too risky now to openly oppose my own government. Although, it doesn't really matter if I try to stay anonymous, if the government wants to find out who I am and make my life a living hell it will.)

- friendly_neighbor_too at yahoo

Shelly1990UK said...

What does it say about a "democratic country with a constitution that guarantees freedom of speach" when people are scared to express their opinions?

Anonymous said...

bearing in mind the invasion of Iraq was only done to protect America's oil interests (i.e. to protect their economic backbone) - I'm sure the likely outcome of invasion was understood but very much under-estimated in order to satisfy the desperate need to secure future oil supplies.

If a more enlightened leadership had thought "hhmm, instead of de-stablising the whole world by chasing oil reserves that will only serve to increase harmful pollution and anyway the supply isn't infinite - why don't we invest instead in research to find a sustainable, bio-friendly alternative to fossil fuel like rapeseed oil" ... I wonder how the sums would have added up ?

But hey, today’s reality is a whole lot better – a world at war and large chunks of its population living in fear and terror, and a world looking straight down the barrel of the ecological gun, ignoring the inevitable catastrophe of global warming in favour of following the capitalist bandwagon called economic growth for another few years.

dave (yes, the ignored one)

Anonymous said...


What is says is that our constitution is under attack. Our very freedoms are slowly being perverted and eroded by those who would control the whole world and further widen the gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots'.

I never thought I'd see the day when the democracy my relatives and forefathers fought so hard to create would bit by bit be perverted and slowly destroyed.

Now we have government wiretapping, internet monitoring, the loss of the right of habeus corpus by anyone the government deems a non-violent combatant or 'terrorist' (dissident or protestor), government approved and condoned torture, secret CIA prisons in other countries, the very internet under attack and in danger of becoming nothing more than a korporate controlled fee-based and censored medium, cameras are becoming pervasive in everyday life whereby we are constantly under surveillence of one sort or another.... all in the name of security. Yes, it is a shame. Perhaps even a tragedy when future historians look back (that is, if they'll even be allowed).

Shall I go on?

Just one last note: At least we still have the ability to dissent and express today. I hope there are still enough intelligent, courageous, persistent people left in this country (and the world) to preserve what freedoms we still have!

Faustus said...

Good to have your insights back. What an embarassment is that idiot in the White House.