Monday, August 14, 2006

Politics in Lebanon

Isreal claims that it's was with Lebanon was :
1) Because of the kidnapping of Isreali Soldiers.

According to the Lebanese government Isreal had crossed the border into Lebanon and kidnapped Hesbola members first... Israel justifies this by saying that Hebola are terrorists and their soldiers work for the government.... of course this is true, but in southern Lebanon Hebola is the defacto government and military, and even though what Israel says is true it is still Very provocative.

Also... how many soldiers and civilians have been killed in this conflict due to the response?

2) To destroy Hebola.

If Israel had intended to destroy Hebola, boy are they going to fail. As I have just said Hesbola was already the defacto government in southern Lebanon, during the events of the past month Hesbola has increased it's popularity in the north of Lebanon. Come the next election I have a sneeky feeling you will find that Hesbola will increase it's share of votes significantly. Hesbola is already part of a coalition government, at this rate Israel may push Hesbola into the largest part of the coalition, or possibly outright control of the government. How will Isreal deal with a legitimized Hesbola?

This could very well be a repeat performance of what happened in Palestine.

When will Israel and the US learn that you cannot engineer democracy in this way. Posted by Picasa

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Montague said...

Yeah - spot on. Well, I have not heard one way or the other about Israel kidnapping Hezbolah fighters, but of course, there will be a pro-Hzblh backlash throughout the world. But there was also an interesting article - and I shll try to find it - that Hzblh miscalculated Israel's response to the kidnapping of the two Israelis, because now Israel is less willing to negotiate with them than before. Really, it's a "plague on both your houses" situation over there.