Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Over reaction....

I was just watching the news and I heard how an United Airlines plane going from Heathrow to Washington was diverted to Boston accompanied by 2 fighter jets. When landed the plane and baggage was searched by snuffer dogs.

Why was it diverted?

A 59y/o woman was suffering from claustrophobia and was acting strangely... So she was restrained by the airline staff.... Somehow I don't think this is the ideal way to deal with a claustrophobic.

The woman was carrying some hand cream which is bizarrely a banned item, and some matches which are bizarrely perfectly ok... Someone please explain the logic of this to me.

In other news today at Gatwick airport a 12 year old boy managed to get onto a plane with no passport, no ticket and no boarding pass.

I think the boy managed to get through security because the guards were so busy with the new checks they overlooked the normal stuff.

Evidently the new checks aren't working so well either since the claustrophobic woman managed to get on board with her hand cream.

I think that the new security measures actually make security worse because no one really knows what they are supposed to be doing anymore.

And here's another thought, MAYBE the claustrophobic woman was panicking because she was on edge because of all the terror fears that our governments are drumming into us.

So this new policy ended up with a woman in jail for possession of hand Cream, a plane diverted, hundreds of passengers inconvenienced, police time wasted and 2 fighter jets costing lord knows what were dispatched.

I don't know about me, this doesn't inspire security in me, it makes me feel ill and it make me think our governments are nuts.

One thing I know for certain, the terrorists are really laughing at us today! Posted by Picasa

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