Sunday, August 20, 2006

...and the luncacy continues...

Passengers aboard a Monach Airlines that was scheduled to fly from Maliga (Spain) to Manchester (England) demanded that 2 passengers who appeared to be middle eastern be removed from the plane before they would allow it to take off.

The passengers daid the 2 travellers were behaving suspiciously. The 2 were removed from the plain, questioned for several hours and then allowed to take a later flight to Manchester.

It seams to me that these 2 men had already been through rigourous security checks, but if there was some legitimate concern they could have been searched again and the allowed to fly on that plane, it would not have been too difficult.

This is what happens when our government causes panic... when they tell us to be afraid of flying, when they tell us to be afraid of anyone who basicly is not white.

How can we allow passengers to dictate what other people fly, particularly on racial grounds.

These incidents will continue because the government is keeping the official Fear Level artificially high. When the Government starts to act responsibly then the airlines and passengers will start to calm down and these irational reaction and arrests will also stop.

Please see BBC News for original story. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

well Shelly, I flew back from Poland on Saturday and had a paperback book confiscated from my possession - I'm very interested to know how anyone could justify that as a rational act to protect the public's security, nor to reinforce the message that unwarranted over-reaction is not a valid way forward. And when I arrived back in Birmingham I joined the queue for passport checks along with a group of people just flown in from Bulgaria, all happily carrying whatever they liked in their hand-luggage. The whole system is in chaos, everyone is suspicious of everyone else, rational thought has gone out of the window for the public and the security services alike .... and therefore the terrorists have won the day, and will continue to do so for some time to come.


Lex said...

Well maybe not so much the terrorists have won as much that the authorities have lost any common sense.

So this paperback was obviously unusually dangerous? - possibly some metallic coloured printing on the cover that could be used to reflect light into the pilots' eyes causing them to lose control of the plane? Or maybe they thought the pages were impregnated with a liquid explosive? or perhaps the spine of the book concealed a ceramic weapon that wouldn't show up on a scan?

Sorry for my cynisism and sarcasm - it isn't directed at you but at the authorities.