Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thoughts on Politics

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with what I am going to write about, I couldn't find a suitable picture, and so I thought I'd use any excuse to put up a picture of my niece. (cause she is so adorable)

I got a letter from a friend who lives in America the other day, he had finally got round to reading my blog and it seams that he was rather disappointed with my point of view on things.

I have found the majority of people who are most upset by my posts are Americans, not just because of my view on the war but because I am left wing.

Americans are generally more right wing than Europeans I find. Even people who view themselves as Democrats seam more right wing than the British Conservative Party on most issues.

When trying to explain my views to people discussions often fall down because of terms like Republican/Democrat, conservative/socialist, left/right wing... And I end up spending ages trying to explain the different ideals, especially since alot of Americans think that socialism is the same as communism... but I think I have managed to in very simple terms show the difference....

Political ideals are like different sorts of parenting:

Right Wing (republican/conservative) - are the sort of parent who believe that they brought the children up right and when they leave home should be able to fend for themselves, and giving them help if they get in trouble will just make them too dependent.

Left Wing (Democrat/Labour/Socialist) - Believe that when a child leaves home even though the child was brought up right they still might get into trouble and so when they do they should be helped out.

Communists - You never leave home when you live in a communist society... You just do chores around the house and collect your pitiful allowance. Posted by Picasa


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Master Stephan said...

Your explainations are a bit simplistic and somewhat misguided. Lefties always paint conservatives as heartless and who only care about money and themselves. You will get this brainwashing, especially in the public school system. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, there are conservatives that are like the stereotype, but they are the exception, not the rule. Conservatives do more for the poor of the world through charities and church missionary programs than all the whinning rock stars put together.

In the first 4 years of the Bush administration, the US government sent twice the aid to Africa as in all 8 of the Clinton/lefty years. This aid included historically high sums for aids programs as well as humanitarian aid.

In the 7th year of the Clinton/Gore years it was disclosed that the Clintons gave less than 5% of their income to charity...even though Hillary had received a multi million dollar book advance. The Gores were even worse with less than 2% to charity.

The point I make is that conservatives are vastly more generous with both time and money to the poor of the world...we just DO rather than lefties like to do.

OK now on a lighter note. I heard a great Bush joke today:

Bush is riding his bike near his ranch and falls down an embankment and into a river. 3 young boys fishing nearby pull him out before the Secret Service could get down there. Bush is so greatfull he tells them they can have anything they want for saving his life. The first says "I want to go to Disneyland" so Bush says "Great, I'll fly you there on Air Force One". The second says "I want a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes" so Bush says "Great, I'll even have Michael Jordan autograph them for you". The third says "I want a motorized wheelchair with a color TV attached" Bush says "Why would you want aren't handicapped?" To which the boy replies "I will be when my dad gets through beating me for saving your ass from drowning!!"

So you see...conservatives can even laugh at one of their own.

BTW, there is a vast difference between a Republican and a conservative.

Shelly1990UK said...

This wasn't supposed to be an advanced studies in ideals, not sure if you noticed, but it was also humorous.

You mention how under republicans more money is givent to charity.... this is where a large part of the difference of opinion is actually.

The left believe it is the governments job to maintain healthcare, education, etc....

The right believe that it should be done through charitites.

It is an issues of collective rather or individual responsibility.

I take the socialist view because i believe that charities cannot give assistance equally, and that they are harder to hold to account.

"Grandad" Jeff said...

Wow! That stirred it up a bit, well done Shelly. Although I am no conservative/republican (I believe Thatcher did more harm to this country than we will ever know, her legacy is one of a culture of greed that permeates us all), neither am I a leftie - the loony left harm us in a less obvious, more insidious way. BUT I have spent time in Communist countries including the big red one in the east, and all I will say is: don't kid yourself that the people there are as downtrodden as we are led to believe. Drive through the streets of any town or city in China and you'll see more smiling happy faces than you do in London. Or Exeter!

Mike_Lotus said...

A good percentage of these religous charities propogate death in Africa through "abstinence." So does the Bush administration. The removal of condoms from our aid in Africa has caused a huge spike in AIDS. Besides the fact that religon is just a superstistion.

A European conservative would be a moderate Democrat and a socially liberal Democrat in the US.

Shelly1990UK said...

Most conservatives in Britain would be branded bleeding heart liberals in the States.

Conservatives might want to modify the "welfare state" but do not believe in getting rid of our universal health care , welfare, pension and highly subsidised education system (including universities)