Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why Hamas?

On Thursday Hamas won the general election in Palestine. All around the world people have been shocked that a terrorist organization has been elected to power, but should we be?

Fatah the previous governing party had huge problems with corruption internally and had lost the confidence of the public. Hamas on the other hand runs hospitals and does major acts of charity in the terrirtory, already doing a role that the government had neglected.

Israel's decision not to negotiate with Fatah removed another obsticle to voting for Hamas.... if Israel won't negotiate with either party, then Israel effectively stacked that cards against Fatah by removing the "Peace Card" from their deck.

I cannot condone Hamas's violent record, but to me the outcome is not that surprising. The only real questions now is will Hamas realize that now it is in power that violence is no longer an effective means to get it's views known, and if they do come to that realization, will Israel have the wisdom to open a dialog with them. Posted by Picasa

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