Sunday, January 29, 2006

MP3 Downloads

Last year there was a massive drop in music sales, the music industry blamed file sharing for this, I would argue that maybe music last year sucked.

In November music downloads from places where you pay for the music (like Itunes and Napster) in Britain were greater than the stuff being traded illegally on peer 2 peer systems. This demonstrates that most people are willing to buy music online if the prices are reasonable, and the reason why sales are not greater is because of high prices and the availability of the music people want.

Back when cassette recorders were introduced the music industry screamed it was the deathl for them because of piracy.

When recordable CD's were introduced the music industry screamed that it was the death of them because of pircay.

It seams to me that people who steal music instead of buying CDs never bought the music in the first place. Alot of people who download music are doing it to get a sample, and then if they like it go out and buy it. Alot of people who download music and don't end up buying it do that because the music they are downloading is almost impossible to find.

If the Music industry really wants to fight back against Music piracy I feel that they should not be allowed to take legal action before making their archives available online to buy (at reasonable prices) so that people can get the hard to find tracks.

CDs are increibly expensive, and music download sites can be very expensive depending where you live.... you are not allowed to buy MP3s from other countries and so competition and choice is eliminated.

The sale of legitimate music files should be opened up between countries so that people can buy music at reasonable prices, and get a greater choice in music, this I believe will drasticly reduce the ammount of music piracy. Posted by Picasa

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