Saturday, December 03, 2005

A synical thought

A Briton, an American and 2 Canadian peaceworkers have been kidnapped in Iraq while they were observing how the occupation and restructuring was working. The kidnappers have accused them of being spies despite the fact that the men in question are all active anti-war protestors.

No one in Iraq seams to have any idea who this terrorist organization is, NOTHING is known about them at all.

I have been wondering to myself for several days now why these men would be kidnapped, it would not benefit the cause of the insurgents, in fact the exact opposite, it might change the minds of the "peacenicks" towards the "Bush" way of thinking.

It seams to me that the only people who stand to benefit from the kidnapping is the occupying forces; they would make the extremists seam more extreme and discourage peace workers from going to Iraq so that the troops would go more unscrutinized.

Could the CIA or MI6 be so cynical that they would kidnap civilians to create negative PR against the insurgents? The allies have used alot of immoral tactics in the conflict and occupation that we already know about, how underhanded would they be willing to get?

I hope that this is just a cynical thought, and I really don't think it's true, but so far no other alternative makes sense has come to mind.


Lex said...

Actually it is quite possible that it might be a security agency who has arranged this. However, having had personal experience of Islamic fundamentalists I find it quite easy to believe that it is a group of Iraqis that has done it. These people are (in the main) poorly educated and (sometimes) complete morons. They would kidnap ANYBODY western just because they are there.

I tend to believe more in the stupidity of man than in 'conspiracy theory'

Shelly1990UK said...

I think that is an unfair portrayal of Islamic people as a whole, particularly iraqis who are generally quite well educated. (at least before the sanctions)

I would agree that Islamic fundamentalist's are more likely to be poorly educated, or educated in a "specific light" in the same way that christian fundamentalists often are.

I did not say that I thought what I wrote was true, I said it was a cynical thought, and the only one that makes sense.

I never said that life does make sense (especially when dealing with religious extemists)

Lex said...

Sorry, I was not suggesting that Iraqis were morons (nor was I attacking Islam which is a religion I respect) - I was attacking fundamentalists (of ANY religion).

I had extensive experience of Iraqis and Iranians in college and later in life and the educated ones were in the majority and were extremely civilised, warm and generous people. The fundamentalists were without exception badly educated, rude, boorish and hypocritical. I have had the same experience with Christians tho!

Iraq was an open society tolerating many religions and with an enlightened attitude to the role of women in society. I wonder what it will end up as now?

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is... a few years ago (before bush), you might not have thought a U.S. government agency would do this. But now, it's almost expected...
We never learn... fascism has many faces... and it's popping its ugly head up again...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see u r still alive and kicking your old spade partner ch