Friday, October 21, 2005

When you have to go...

When I visited Prague I needed to use the toilet real bad, so I went to a public toilet, I had to pay a little old lady to give me THREE sheets of toilet paper.

The paper was so rough that I'm starting to think what is in the above picture might have been better. Posted by Picasa

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Lex said...

3? - what was wrong with one? You are very wasteful!

A Russian, a Czeck from Prague and an American were on a train.

The Russian gets up and throws a bottle of vodka out the window.

The others ask him why and he says,
"Where I come from is Russia and we have much Vodka there".

The American gets up and takes off his blue jeans and throws them out the window. Of course the other two ask why, and he says, "In the US, we have lots of blue jeans".

Then the Czeck gets up, opens the door and throws the American off the train. The Russian asks him why he did this, and he replies,
"In Prague, we have more then enough Americans".