Monday, October 03, 2005

Maybe by American Thanksgiving

Today Turkey officially starts negotiations to join the European Union. Within the EU alot of countries, particularly France, Germany and Austria are not keen on Turkey having EU membership.

Turkey has wanted to be involved in Europe for quite a long time, in fact Turkey was one of the founders of the Council of Europe back in the 1800s, and is a member of Nato.

Trying to become "fit" for European membership Turkey has undergone alot of reforms. Turkey has made alot of changes to it's human rights laws including the elimination of Capital punishment

I personally think that Turkey's membership into the EU would be positive, I think it would help bring stability to the surounding countries, and give Europe a credible voice when doing negotiations with islamic countries.


Anonymous said...

you are too cute to worry about things like this why don't you go back to playing with dolls and chasing boys would hate to see that pretty face get all wrinkled leave the politics to men who understand them

Shelly1990UK said...

Wow, is that sexist, ageist.

1) Who says I don't understand them.

2) We're the ones who are going to have to look after the world you old farts fuck up!

3) Apparently I understand it a hell of alot more than you, because all you could do is try to put me down instead of making a comment on the issue.

Lex said...

Put the knife down Shelley!

Remember that not all of us old farts are this moronic, patronising or insulting!

Just another troll not worthy of comment.

Mark deSouza said...

Whoever posted tht was just an a**hole. Whoever you isnt age that matters. There are lots of 40 year old+ asssholes out there with immature minds..... Bush...the terrorists and Blair for example.

With comments to the article...i dont think it would matter much. Turkey doesnt consider itself to be "Arab". The EU doesnt have any problems with the Middle East. would surely benifit the turkish economy. If you havent been to should go there..its a wonderful place with friendly people and AWESOME food =)
As usual...good posts Shelly...! =)

Lex said...

Mark - I have to take issue with you - Bush isn't immature he is just stupid, driven by greed and fear of offending his oil boss owners. Blair is just as corrupt as they come. As for terrorists? - well who knows why they do what they do.

You are right about Turkey though - it is superb as is Portugal. Why Turkey and Greece/Crete have problems with each other I really dom't understand!

As for Shelly's blogs - I find it amazing that a 15 year old girl has such a depth of perception (no, don't get a swelled head Shelly just be who you are)

Shelly1990UK said...

too late, my head is already swelling.

As for Turkey, I just think that it would be benneficial to both Europe and Turkey for them to join, both culturaly and economicly.

Lex said...

Oh I agree about Turkey joining I just have reservations about the ability of the EU to maintain istelf as a viable 'superstate'

Most of the governments of the member countries pay lipservice only to the concept and really just wish to use the EU to further the ends of their own countries which is exactly the opposite of what the EU is supposed to be about.

Anonymous said...

I would think that the EU would want someone they could negotiate with rather than someone that is pissed off because they are denied membership ch

Anonymous said...

keep your friends close and your enemies coser

Shelly1990UK said...

I find that an odd point of view.

The Turkish people are not our enemies, they are members of NATO, and Turkey is one of the main tourist destinations for british tourists.

I think people are too hung up on stereotypes.

Subfinder said...

Give em' hell, Shelly! And keep telling it like it is. :)