Thursday, September 22, 2005

Why bother?

Many countries donated food to the United States after Hurrican Katrina due to wide spread hunger caused by a lack of preperation by the American government.

The British government (and several other european countries) sent NATO food packs, the same sort that is Used by the British Miliatary and are approved for all Nato forces including the US Military to use. The American government is now refusing to deliver this food to hungry american and are actually threatening to destroy the food because it has been deemed "unfit for human consumption" because of laws regarding BSE. At present the United States more cases of BSE than Britain does, and after the BSE problems of the 90s Britain leads the way in laws to protect the quality of meat.

The reality though is that this is irrelevent, the chances of getting new variant CJD from an animal that was infected is very slim anyway, and the need to feed starving people outweighs the risks (if there were any) dramaticly.

The truth is that these laws are not about food safety they are about stopping foreign meat being sold in the US, but Europe isn't selling the meat, we have donated millions of dollars worth of rations to save people that the US government neglected.

After Katrina there were emails into the BBC accusing Britain of doing nothing in the wake of the hurricane, while "America was always there for everyone else". Well the truth is that Britain was in very quickly to help the RICHEST MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD almost immiediately, providing food for the poor people that the American government simply dosen't care about.

Britain is 1/5th the size in population of the US, but we were able to provide more food supplies than the American Government does. The US Military has a huge budeget, and is much larger than the British military, how is it that they did not have the spare food, they should have had much more around than the British did?

What the US government is doing is like a Richest kid begging for sandwiches from the other kids in the class, and then jumping up and down on them after getting them in front of them.

The entire Katrina event was a disaster, but the American Government is sticking it's finger up at the foreign countries who tried to help, and is kicking the poor people of New Orleans in there privates AGAIN!

Maybe Europe should have sent the aid to somewhere more diserving like Niger, the government there genuinely couldn't look after it's people, it wasn't just a case of neglect because of greed.

We are often told how there is no point in sending aid to Africa because the food dosen't get to the people who need it, it would seam the same problem is true in America.

I got the inspiration for this article from The Daily Mirror (Click here to see the article)


hooligan said...

The US Government did not kick the people of New Orleans in the privates. The bumbling idiot State officals did as did the local New Orleans Government officals. Nagin could have gotten the people out of the superdome the day after the storm but he didn't. The things that happened was not the Fed's fault. Yea they did some things wrong but over all they did EXACLY what was suppose to be done.

As for the MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) the military had thousands handed out the day after the storm. THe media here in the US has not mentioned the meals that Y'all sent so I cant comment on them. Other than to say THANKS for your help and support.

One other rant, The Mississippi Coast was destroyed and all the media shows is non-stop New Orleans. I think that could be the reason for your view that this was the Feds problem.

Shelly1990UK said...

Sorry, let me correct myself.

The GOVERNMENTS of the United States, Local, state and Federal.

I am aware the entire coast was devastated, but New Orleans, a huge city was underwater due to terrible neglect of the infrastructure.

Lex said...

Perhaps there is a bigger issue here :

I am sure that many have speculated that Global Warming may be the cause of these unusually large storms.

In this case isn't it about time that Bush accepted the arguments for CO2 emissions regulation and put into effect the relevant restrictions which he has consistently failed to do (because he is owned by the oil companies)?

Shelly1990UK said...

I wasn't going to get into that one, and I don't think scientists agree whether or not global warming is to blame for these hurricanes, but I think that it is not unreasonable to say that the entire issue was dealt with poorly at all levels.

Lex said...

That would seem to be the case but can we (who are on the outside) really judge?

How would the UK or Australia react in a similar situation?

I'm not disagreeing with you but I do have reservations as to the abilities of other countries to respond in an adequate way.

No doubt there will continue to be a lot of poo chucking and a turning on of air assisted cooling devices in the wake of Katrina.

Mark deSouza said...

Sad but true...