Thursday, September 29, 2005

The root of the problem

I find it interesting that people are saying we shouldn't listen to the news for information, that the news lies.

Are you suggesting we should trust governments.

I do not get my information from the American press for the most part, living in the UK. I do admit I did watch some CNN, but mostly I got my info from the BBC, with some from ITV and SKY (which is owned by the same company as the pro-bush FOX)

It is true that we should take what is put out by the news companies with a grain of salt.... but then again we should take what the government says with a few bucket fulls of salt.

My criticisms of the governments (and I must stress this is not just the federal government) is not just from the immediate aftermath of the hurricanes and the flooding they caused. It is rooted in what I believe to be a system which is based on the false notion that helping the rich get richer will assist the poorer people. The concept of trickle down economics. The notion that tax cuts for the richest people and businesses will actually end up somehow helping the poorest. Is more than just a little naive, that money should be redirected where it is needed, not into the pockets of the people who will donate a portion of the refund back to a certain political party.

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Lex said...

Probably the best source of unbiased info is AP/Reuters.

As regards tax cuts - well you won't get any arguments from me and I'm a capitalist (but a social one).

Anyway, no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in!