Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rehab for Moss Adiction

Kate Moss has admitted a drug habbit (and I believe I have heard has admitted herself to rehab) after newspapers got their hands
on pictures of her doing drugs. The newspapers went around the
places she has contracts with asking if they are going to continue
using her or not, the papers seamed disapointed when the companies
either refused to respond or said they would keep using Kate Moss.

The BBC described the issue of money vs. morality, I don't think
this is right. Although I don't believe people should do drugs, I
don't see how cancelling Kate's contracts could benefit anyone, if
Kate saw her life crumbling around her she would probably be more
likely to use drugs. I don't see the "true morality" in destroying
someones life over the "percieved morality" of making a statement
that they won't allow known drug users to work for them.

The truely moral stance would be to give Kate moss every reasonable
assistance to break her drug habbit. I don't believe this should be
just for the rich and famous, I believe this should be true for all
drug addicts. Drug addicts need help, we shouldn't be locking them
up or firing them unless their addiction prevents them from doing
their jobs, and even then they should be suspended untill they are
able to do their jobs properly again, giving them the ability to get
their lives in order in the knowledge that they have something to go
back to. Our justice system is being tied up by people who for the
most part are only hurting themselves... we should be going after
the drug dealers, the people who profit off these crimes.

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Shelly1990UK said...

Since I wrote this article fashion houses and shops have started to Drop Kate Moss, I think this is largely due to public reaction.

I stand by my view that this is not the solution, although you can understand why groups that are trying to portray a certain image would try to distance themselves from her.