Friday, September 23, 2005

No win situation

A couple days ago the British Army released some soldiers from custody in Iraq by force. Apparently these soldiers were handed over to a militia by the police. There was alot of confusion over why these people were in custody, but the troops in Iraq have hit a problem, they are currently there at the invitation of the Iraqi government, they should not be doing anything that is against the wishes of the host country.

The Govenor of Basra is now demanding an apology from the British government, and demanding the soldiers given back to custody.

Iraqi officials have suggested that insurgency infiltraion of the Iraq security forces is up to 75%.

George Bush has said that the problems in Iraq are being sorted out.

Bush is wrong, the situation is getting increasingly complicated, and if infiltration is anywehre near as bad as the Iraqi officials believe then full civil war is a virtual certainty as soon as the foreign troups leave or maybe before that happens.

At the end of the day we have got ourselved in way over our heads and the question is are we going to be supporting this government for years with military force or are we going to pull out and leave them to fight it out?

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