Wednesday, August 10, 2005

When is a whale not a whale?

Another thing that isn't what you thought it was...

Killer whales ware not really whales, they are the largest sort or dolphin. (

I don't actually have any great thoguth on this one, just figured I'd let you know.

But on an almost but not quite completely unrelated note I have a story to share with you

A few weeks back the groom at a wedding reception on a boat near island off the coast of Ireland. The groom got very drunk and went off to take a piss, and accidently got his penis stuck in his trouser zip. He had to be airlifted to hospital. The emergency airlift was quite a big deal for the remote island.

The News headline was called "Irish wedding party struggle on a boat to free willy"


Lex said...

How do you get 2 whales in a mini?

Go down the M4 and cross the Severn bridge

Shelly1990UK said...

yeah but why would you want to?

Shelly1990UK said...

Actually come to think of it, that wouldn't get me to Wales, Because I'm the other side of Bristol.