Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A pets point of view

Experts believe that dogs think of themselves as part of our packs.

What do other animals view us as?

Do rats think of us as gods?

Do dolphins think of us as those stupid idiots who don't know how to swim properly?


Lex said...

Do fleas think of the dog they ride on as God? - after all the dog provides a lovely warm environment with plenty of food.

Perhaps Dolphins think of us as 'those bastards who nick all our Tuna'

Do they care?

Shelly1990UK said...

actually probably think of the dog as their whole univers.... if they think at all... at least i'm sure that is true of lice on a head.

Lex said...

There are big problems with getting rid of head lice because the chemicals no longer seem to do the job properly (for whatever reason).

The solution is simple.

No hair on the head
No head lice!

(Wig sales would go through the roof though!)