Friday, August 19, 2005

Deterioration of society due to terrorism

Sorry guys, it's a serious one today

The cost of terrorism on society.

Last month shortly after the Lodnon bombings the polics shot dead a
man (Jean Charles de Menezes) who was alledgedly running from them to the London Underground.
The origian story said he was running from plain clothed police,
wearing a thick jacket and jumped the turnstiles, so the police shot
him because they suspected he was a terrorist.

It is now start to appear he was wearing a light jacket, was not
running, and did not jump the turnstiles at all.

The police have apologized, however have essentially said it is an
acceptable cost in the fight of terrorism when you take into account
the numbers. The police also tried to prevent the police complaint
commision (which is independent) from doing an investigation, trying
to make it an internal investigation.

Although it is understandable there will be increased vigilance on
the part of police because of the bombings, we must not consider
innocent people being shot as "acceptable" or play the numbers game,
saying he was one person that we killed that was innocent compared
to the 53 by the terrorists.

Investigations into this sort of thing must be done by a group
independent of the police.

This is just one more piece of evidence of the deterioration of society because of reaction to terrorism, where the police have been allowed a shoot to kill policy and are trying to control the investigations afterwards.

We genuinely are on the brink of becoming a police state if we allow this sort of behaviour to continue, where the police are given extreme powers that had never been considered before, and where they can act without propper investigation.

It is time to make it clear, Britain is a free country and that this is not acceptable.


Lex said...

100% agree.

There is an old latin saying
Qui custodiet ipsos custodes?

Basically 'who will police the police' and it is so very relevant.

For any fatal accident (as a minimum) there should be an independent body handling the review

Shelly1990UK said...

For all reasonable alegations of wrong doing by the police there should be some level of independent investigation.