Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dear God who may or may not exist.....

As I understand it Buddhists don't have a god.

If that's true who do they pray to?

And since they don't have a god who would care, would it make sense for them to hedge their bets and practice another religion as well?


Lex said...

To me, Buddhism is one of the best religions as they acknowledge Buddha as a teacher rather than a god.

Actually there is a better religion called SDORK - havent u ever seen the UK adverts which claim that SDORK is better than BUDDHA?

cerebus said...

Buddhists don't pray; they meditate.

Shelly1990UK said...

Then why do they have prayer beads and prayer wheels?

The reality is that there is a fine line between prayer and meditation, but meditation is something that must be in some way active, but prayer wheels exist to do the praying on your behalf, so that can't really be a meditation.

Cerebus your input is welcome, but I do think that you really do not understand my sense of humour, most of what I say is not supposed to be taken quite as seriously as you seam to take it.

cerebus said...

maybe it is you who do not penetrate my sense of humor?