Friday, August 12, 2005

Cry Baby?

John 11.35: Jesus Wept

Now you can call Jesus a sissy over this one if you want, but this is the man who did not run away when the soldiers came for him, he stood in front of Pilot, was mocked, had a crown of thorns put on his head,was beaten and whipped within an inch of his life, and made to carry his cross to the point of execution, nailed to it and hung there for hours until eventually he was stabbed through the side with a spear.

Jesus didn't cry about this though, he had cried earlier when he learned that his Friend Lazarus had died.

I think this demonstrates that "real men" do cry. (even if Jesus wasn't a real man, the lesson is still the same)


Lex said...

Of course real men cry! I cried when I lost my father, when a friend suicided and when a favourite cat had to be put down.

Why shouldn't we?

Stiff upper lip? Nope - and my lower one quivers quite frequently.

Mark deSouza said...

Its more like...real mean do have hearts that break too.

-Mark deSouza

cerebus said...

Even if Jesus wasn't a real man? I didn't think there was any question he was a historical figure. Might be some debate on the question of whether he was holy in some way. But it seems he did exist.

Shelly1990UK said...

Yes there was a Jesus of Nazereth... however if the stories about him are made up, then it's not really the same person, that is like saying Bram Stoker's dracula and Vlad the impaler are the same person, it is true Dracula was based on him, but they weren't really the same person.

A man is defined by his actions and his heart... so I don't think you can necersarily call the biblical Jesus as the historical Jesus, although they might be.